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Bio Solutiones Technicas services are typically packaged into an integrated multi-disciplinary project to assist clients in meeting their business objectives. BST provides services to assist its clients in every stage of development as shown in the figure below.

We aim to integrate our assistance with our client’s needs and operations, meaning that our services are generally offered as part of an end to end project management agreement. Where required all BST services are available on an individual basis.

New enterprises

In the case of a new enterprise, the typical planning services include:

  • Assistance with product design, development, certification, and IP protection
  • Undertaking of detailed feasibility studies covering:
    • The target market and related aspects
    • All technical aspects relating to the product(s) and production
    • Appropriate green technologies
    • Business structure
    • The relevant regulatory environment
    • Risk assessment
    • Extensive financial modelling of the proposed venture
  • The development of business plans
  • The development of investment prospectuses


Existing business

We assist existing businesses with the development of:

  • Business strategies aimed at:
    • Improving business results
    • Exploring new markets
    • Introducing new products
    • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Turn around strategies for businesses that are struggling:
    • Markets
    • Operations
    • Finance

Where our clients are looking into taking over an existing business we assist them with due diligence studies covering:

  • Analysis of historical financial performance
  • Analysis of operations:
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Production
    • Administration
    • Staffing
    • Legal compliance
    • Corporate governance
  • Assessment of risks
  • Verification of condition of assets
  • Estimation of asset values
  • Financial projections for the post acquisition venture
  • Development of comprehensive
  • Due Diligence Reports

Where required Bio Solutiones Technicas assists it clients in the process of accessing investment into new or existing ventures by:

  • Compiling company investment prospectuses
  • Completing funding and investment applications
  • Preparing presentations for prospective investors
  • Making presentations to prospective investors
  • Introducing clients to Venture Capital companies and potential investors
  • Identifying appropriate government incentives
  • Completing incentive applications


Bio Solutiones Technicas views the establishment and development of a new venture as a holistic exercise which requires the attention of a multi-disciplinary team.

We assist our clients with:

  • Compiling comprehensive equipment specifications
  • New building design and construction
  • Assessing potential existing premises for suitability
  • Renovations of existing premises
  • Customising existing premises, and introducing special facilities such as clean rooms
  • Introducing green building technologies and practices
Technology and equipment acquisition
  • Comprehensive specification development
  • Identification of suitable technology and equipment suppliers
  • Procurement including open tendering where required
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Licencing agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Supplier identification and development
  • Design and development of custom production machinery and systems
  • Design and implementation of appropriate administrative systems, including general administration, finance, HR
  • Design and implementation of production systems such as production management, inventory control
  • Quality management systems:
    • Introducing simple, in house quality systems
    • Gaining accreditation to international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18001
    • Compliance with industry specific standards and practices such as HACCP, VDE 6, SIGMA 6, Kosher, and Halal certification etc
Human Resources, the identification recruitment and retention of key skills
  • Management teams
  • Administrative personnel
  • Production staff
  • Coaching and mentoring all levels of staff as required
  • Identification of training requirements and suitable training providers
  • Succession planning
Market development
  • Strategy development
  • Identifying and approaching key clients
  • Recruitment and development of sales staff
  • Mandatory registrations
  • Legal compliance
  • Board composition, roles and responsibilities

The Bio solutions Technicas team supports its clients to establish and maintain stable operations by assisting them with:

  • Production Start up
  • Increasing production to reach targets
  • Product verification
  • Production efficiency assessments, and corrective actions
  • Inbound and outbound logistics assessment
  • Sales and marketing efficiency assessments, and corrective actions
  • Administration efficiency assessments, and corrective actions
  • Governance efficiency assessments, and corrective actions
  • Human resources development

Companies need to maintain a path of continuous improvement in order to remain competitive in the market. Bio Solutiones Technicas encourages and assists its clients to periodically assess:

  • Strategy
  • Market conditions
  • Market and product trends
  • Product technologies
  • Production technologies
  • Inbound and outbound logistics
  • Energy efficiency

These assessments lead to the periodic upgrading of equipment, infrastructure and production practices, as well as the design of new and innovative products.

    + 27 82 821 9389

    South African Office
    33 First Avenue, Fish Hoek
    Cape Town, 7979 South Africa

    + 27 82 821 9389

    South African Office
    33 First Avenue, Fish Hoek
    Cape Town, 7979 South Africa